Daily Routine for ALL babies – a must!

Colic is ‘diagnosed’ when a baby’s crying:

  • lasts for more than 3 hours a day
  • happens more than 3 days a week
  • occurs for more than 3 weeks

For me that is TOO LATE….playing the ‘wait and see’ game does nothing for the baby or the parents, or the extended family….DON’T WAIT!

Prevention is better than cure. Why wait? Why wait for the crying to start? Why wait for 3 weeks to get help?

Daily massage of your baby’s tummy may help prevent colic developing. This Daily Routine incorporates techniques from the Stomach Massage from the previous module.

I would highly recommend doing it daily for prevention and twice daily if your baby is already experiencing discomfort. You can download the routine below and keep it handy, do it after every bath or even every nappy/diaper change. I have included some more information if you’re interested.

This is an opportunity for you to really help your baby’s development and your peace of mind, knowing that you are potentially preventing discomfort and upset, a little time spent in the early days may be all your baby needs to by-pass ‘colic’.