Postions and Cues

A quick revisit of positioning yourself and your baby for massage and a reminder that it is important that your baby is in the right ‘mood’. When your baby is in the ‘quiet-alert’ state (see Infant States below) they will be more responsive and happy to receive touch and stimulation.

  • Hungry
  • Just been fed – their body needs to digest
  • Tired
  • Unsettled
  • Unwell

Often making massage part of a routine. like bath time, can help. Here I am massaging my second son in 2003 on the change table after his bath. He’s definitely in the ‘quiet-alert’ state.

Along with liking routine, babies are very quick to pick up on cues. In this video I suggest three simple cues, they can be done in any order, all at once or you may come up with your own in addition to asking if they would like a massage.